Basic research

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  • The search strategies for each type of research were developed based on the following “knowledge” defined by Global Forum for Health Research (GFHR):
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  • Databases


  • Page of search LILACS

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Strategy Basic Research

Keywords for BASIC RESEARCH: Cellular *, molecular *, genetics, genom*, disease transmission, pathogen*, vector, in vitro, immune response, enzyme*, physiology, pathology, immunology, fundamental*, biologic*, nonhuman subjects, pathogenesis, markers of infection, drug resistance, insecticide resistance

(((tw cellular or tw molecular or tw genetics or tw genom$ or (tw disease and tw transmission) or tw pathogen$ or ti vitro or ((tw immune$ or tw immunogen$ or tw immunol$ or tw immunop$ or tw immunod$) and (tw response or (tw effect or ti effect or tw effects or ti effects) or tw parameter$)) or tw enzym$ or tw physiology or tw pathology or ti immunology or ti fundamental$ or ti biologic$ or (tw markers and tw infection) or ti dna or (tw protein and tw physiological) or ((tw drug or tw insecticide or tw antibiotic$ or tw parasite) and tw resistance) or tw biomarkers or ((tw cell or tw parasite) and (tw characterization or tw line or tw epithelial or tw proliferation or tw survival or tw physiological)) or tw immunomodulator$ or tw immunodominant$ or (tw immunity and (tw virus or tw infection)) or tw gametocytes or (tw crystal and tw structure) or tw immunoblotting or ti mice or ti rats or tw chemokine$ or tw immunopathogenesis or ti immunodeficiency or ti immunocompetent or ti inhibitors or (tw polyclonal and tw activation) or (tw hav and tw virus) or tw macrophage$ or (tw pathogenic and tw action) or tw autoantibodies or tw autoantibody or (tw bacterial and tw proteins) or (tw antigenic and tw proteins) or ti vector or ti vectors or ((tw gene or tw genes) and (tw variant$ or tw variable$)) or ((tw antibody$ or tw antibodies$) and (tw immunocompetent$ or tw immunoglobulin$ or tw genotype))) and not mh humanos) or ((mh transmissao de doenca infecciosa or mh parasitologia or pt in vitro or mh marcadores biologicos or ex G07.690.320$ or ex e05.393.760$ or mh ligacao proteica or mh Proteina C-Reativa or mh proliferacao de celulas or mh crescimento celular or mh divisao celular or mh linhagem da celula or ex g04$ or mh estudos soroepidemiologicos or mh Dados de Sequencia Molecular or mh proteinas recombinantes or mh camundongos or mh ratos or mh modelos animais de doencas or mh receptores de quimiocinas or mh macrofagos or mh insetos vetores or mh /tm or mh /et or mh /py or mh /ip or mh /gd or mh /ps or mh /ch or mh /ge or mh /vi or mh /en or mh /pa or mh /ph or mh /im) and mh animal) or (((tw plasmodium and tw falciparum) or tw anopheles or (tw mycobacterium and tw tuberculosis) or (tw mycobacterium and tw leprae) or (tw mycobacterium and tw ulcerans) or (tw trypanosoma and tw cruzi) or (tw trypanosoma and (tw brucei or tw gambiense or tw rhodesiense)) or tw Leishmania or tw Helminths or (tw Wuchereria and tw bancrofti) or (tw Brugia and tw Malayi) or tw Onchocerca or (tw schistosoma and (tw haematobium or tw mansoni or tw japonicum)) or tw Trematoda or tw Fasciola or tw Opisthorchis or tw Clonorchis or tw Paragonimus or tw Fasciolidae or tw Ancylostomatoidea or tw Trichuris or tw Ancylostoma or tw Uncinaria or tw Bunostomum or tw Ascaris or (tw Ascaris and tw lumbricoides) or tw aedes or (tw mycobacterium and tw tuberculosis) or tw hiv or (tw Meningit$ and tw bacteria$) or tw brucella or tw Enterobacteriaceae or (tw bacilos and tw coliformes) or tw ewingella or tw leclercia or tw paracolobactrum or tw sodalis or (tw mycobacterium and tw bovis) or (tw bacillus and tw anthracis) or tw cryptosporidium or tw toxoplasma or (tw virus and tw raiva)) and not mh humanos) or ((mh plasmodium falciparum or mh anopheles or mh Mycobacterium tuberculosis or mh mycobacterium leprae or mh mycobacterium ulcerans or mh trypanosoma cruzi or mh moscas tse-tse or mh Leishmania or mh Wuchereria bancrofti or mh Brugia Malayi or mh Onchocerca or mh schistosoma haematobium or mh schistosoma mansoni or mh schistosoma japonicum or mh Taenia solium or mh Cysticercus or mh Virus da Dengue or mh Mycobacterium tuberculosis or mh bacillus anthracis or mh cryptosporidium or mh toxoplasma or mh virus da raiva) and mh animal))

Optional strategy

  • Basic research

(ti genetic$ or mh /ge or ti cell or ti cells or ti resistant or mh Resistencia a Medicamentos or ((ti resistance or ti resistant) and (ti drug or ti insecticide or ti drugs or ti antibiotic$))) or ((tw virus and tw serotype$) or mh epidemiologia molecular or (tw epidemiology and tw molecular) or mh dna$ or tw mutation or tw cells or tw genotyp$ or tw genes or mh Estudos Soroepidemiologicos or (tw seroepidemiologic and tw studies) or tw seroprevalence or tw sero-epidemiologic or tw morphogenesis or ((tw flagellum or tw flagellar) and (tw distribution or tw motility)) or ti aetiology or (tw environmental and tw risk and tw factors and ti epidemiol$) or ti microbiology or mh /mi or ti mycobacteria or mh /pp)