Product development

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  • The search strategies for each type of research were developed based on the following “knowledge” defined by Global Forum for Health Research (GFHR):
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Product Development

Keywords for PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, clinical trial, pre-clinical trial, double-blind trial, sequential trial, stratified trial, diagnostic testing, diagnostic development, drug testing, drug development, product testing, product development, vaccine testing, vaccine development, clinical testing, clinical development, randomized*, cross over, pharmaco*, minimal dose, maximal dose, lethal dose, toxic dose, therapeutic dose, placebo effect

(pt ensaio clinico fase I or pt ensaio clinico fase II or pt ensaio clinico fase III or (tw clinical and tw trial and tw phase and (tw one or tw three or tw two)) or mh avaliacao pre-clinica de medicamentos or mh Relação Dose-Resposta a Droga or (tw double and tw blind and tw trial) or ((tw sequential or tw stratified) and tw trial) or ((tw diagnostic$ or tw drug$ or mh /tu or mh /dt or tw product$ or tw vaccine$ or tw clinical) and (tw test$ or development or mh /ip)) or tw randomized$ or tw crossover or (tw cross and tw over) or tw pharmaco$ or ((tw minimal or tw maximal or tw lethal or tw toxic or tw therapeutic) and tw dose) or mh efeito placebo or (tw placebo and tw effect)) and ct humanos and not ct animais

Optional strategy

  • Product development

(tw immunodiagnosis or ((tw diagnostic or tw diagnosis) and (tw performance or tw evaluate or tw test or tw tests)) or mh Valor Preditivo dos Testes or mh Sensibilidade e Especificidade or (ti vaccine and (tw development or tw test or tw tests or tw trial))) or tw pharmacoepidemiol$