Implementation research

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  • The search strategies for each type of research were developed based on the following “knowledge” defined by Global Forum for Health Research (GFHR):
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Implementation Research

Keywords for IMPLEMENTATION RESEARCH: Implementation research, operational research, operations research, evaluation, monitoring, community-based research, participatory research, Phase IV, post-registration, efficiency, effectiveness, intervention, technology transfer, health systems research, health systems strenghtening, public health intervention, prevention strategies, control strategies, health services, * access research, field trial, acceptability, imputability, compliance , community-based (health) intervention, community-directed intervention, translational research, knowledge translation, knowledge management, Good practices

(((((tw Implementation or tw operation$ or tw evaluation$ or tw monitoring or (tw community and tw based) or tw participatory) and tw research) or (tw post and tw registration) or ((tw efficiency or tw effectiveness) and tw intervention) or (tw technology and tw transfer) or (tw health and tw system$ and (tw research or tw strenghtening)) or (tw public and tw health and tw intervention) or ((tw prevention or tw control) and tw strateg$) or (tw health and tw services) or (tw access and tw research) or (tw field and tw trial) or ((tw acceptability or tw imputability or tw compliance$ or (tw community and tw based)) and tw health and tw intervention) or (tw community and tw directed and tw intervention) or (tw translation$ and (tw research or tw knowledge)) or (tw knowledge and tw management) or (tw Good and tw practice$) or mh Conhecimentos, Atitudes e Pratica em Saude or mh promocao da saude or mh Avaliacao de Programas e Projetos de Saude or mh Educacao em Saude or mh Controle de Doencas Transmissiveis or pt Ensaio Clinico Fase IV or mh /pc) or (ex n05.715.360.775.175.250$ or mh estudos de coortes or ti cohort$ or mh seguimentos or (tw follow$ and tw stud$) or (tw treatment and (tw failure or tw outcome)) or ((((tw antifungal or tw anti-infective or tw anti-bacterial or tw anti-retroviral or tw antitubercular) and tw agents) or tw antibiotic$ or (tw drug and tw interactions)) and (ti treatment or ti therapy or ti prevention or mh ./tu or mh ./th or mh ./su or mh ./dt)) or (mh recursos em saude or (tw health and tw resources) or mh participacao comunitaria or (tw consumer and tw particip$) or (tw national and tw health and tw program$) or mh programas nacionais de saude or ((ti services or mh /og or ti organization or ti administration)) and (mh /di or tw diagnosis or mh /th or tw therapy or tw treatment or (tw prevention and tw control) or mh /pc or mh /dt)) or (tw useful and tw diagnostic) or (tw prospective and tw studies) or (tw treatment and tw programs) or ((tw diagnosis or tw treatment) and ((tw clinical and tw practice) or tw applicability or tw experience or tw implications)) or (tw clinical and (tw predictors or tw practice or tw analysis or tw profile)) or (tw insecticide-treated or tw nets) or mh mosquiteiros tratados com inseticida or mh controle de mosquitos or (tw mosquito and tw control) or (((tw consumer and tw participation) or tw community) and (tw prevention or tw control)))) and not mh animais)

Optional strategy

  • Implementation research

(ti clinical or ti therapy or ti treatment or ti diagnost$ or mh /th or mh /dt or mh /pc or (ti prevention and ti control)) and (tw strategies or tw strategy or tw surveillance or tw appropriate or tw practice or tw practical or tw feasible or tw feasibility or tw useful or tw availability or mh saude publica or mh politica de saude or ex N03.349$ or (ti health and (tw reform or tw policy or tw planning or tw program$)) or mh Analise Custo-Benefício or (tw Cost-Benefit and tw Analysis) or mh /ec or mh /og) or ((tw vigilancia and tw epidemiologica) or mh saude publica or ((tw recommendation$ or tw program or tw programs or tw effective or tw surveillance) and (tw prevent or tw control$ or tw treatment or tw prophylaxis)) or (tw spatial and tw distribution and tw epidemiol$) or ((ti epidemiology or ti epidemiologic or ti distribution or ti incidence or ti prevalence) and not (tw pharmacoepidemiol$ or (tw virus and tw serotype$) or mh epidemiologia molecular or (tw epidemiology and tw molecular) or mh dna$ or tw mutation or tw cells or tw genotyp$ or tw genes or mh Estudos Soroepidemiologicos or (tw seroepidemiologic and tw studies) or tw seroprevalence or tw sero-epidemiologic or tw morphogenesis or ((tw flagellum or tw flagellar) and (tw distribution or tw motility)) or ti aetiology or (tw environmental and tw risk and tw factors and ti epidemiol$) or ti microbiology or mh /mi or ti mycobacteria or mh /pp)))