Trindade y Tobago

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Para más información vea Orientaciones para análisis de escenário (DAFO). Fore more information see Instructions to the Scenario Analysis (SWOT)

Fortalezas | Strenghts

  • Strong cohort of interested persons and institutions
  • Clarity regarding VHL possibilities
  • Collection point for local and Caribbean health related publications
  • Potentially effective tool for highlighting and marketing local health research and innovation
  • Consumer health information included
  • Support from PAHO TRT
  • Health Information Products are available for inclusion
  • Certified National VHL
  • BIREME software available without cost

Debilidades | Weakness

  • Difficulties experienced in hiring/retaining dedicated staff
  • Robust administrative action to support the project is needed from MOH
  • No dedicated space out of which to operate
  • Increased training needed for collaborators
  • The aesthetics of the website could be enhanced
  • Ineffective marketing and promotion strategies

Oportunidades | Opportunities

  • Ministry of Health poised to effectively revitalize the project
  • Avenue for researchers to have research output published/publicized and made openly accessible
  • Support and collaborative engagement with the MOH’s EVIPNET / PAHO initiative
  • Provision of MOH’s/Medical Libraries archives
  • Deepening resource sharing and consortia building capabilities in the health sector
  • Active research culture exists in University, and is growing generally among other health personnel.
  • Robust IT infrastructure in progress within MOH/ and nationally
  • Synergies between local libraries / health information providers have been recognized
  • Clear signal from MOH of deep interest in use of research for improvement of health care

Amenazas | Threats

  • Current enthusiasm could dissipate over time due to inaction
  • Language barrier when communicating with BIREME
  • Time delay from BIREME to address issues
  • Competition from other websites or health information providers
  • Quality control mandatory – training needed to ensure integrity of project
  • Budgetary constraints due to economic climate