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VHL-Site is the application that manages the homepage of a VHL and integrates its information sources, allowing for the creation, maintenance and publishing of the site.

The VHL model homepage is organized in areas such as:

Information Sources: it is possible to access the content of a specific information source type, for example, bibliographic databases, full text, directories etc.

Topics: it contains predefined queries as subjects.

Specialized spaces or communities: information sources network organized in order to provide information to specialized user groups or profiles.

The VHL homepage also has areas allocated for links to related VHL sites and/or institutions, news and highlights.

Documentation to the 5.3.2 Version

For information professionals

VHL Guide 2011

Operation Manual (in Spanish)

For IT professionals

Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications

Installation Readme

For information and IT professionals

Metasearch Configuration Manual (in Spanish)

BVS-Site Wiki(in spanish)

Orientações para customizar lay-out do BVS Site - parte 1 (in spanish)

Orientações para customizar lay-out do BVS Site - parte 2 (in spanish)



BVS Technical Support

Previous Versions