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In order to disseminate new Search Resources at Health Legislation Portal, we request to replace the link to LEYES database at each VHL. Previously routed to the LEYES´s iAH search interface, from now on, the link must take the user to the Health Legislation Portal homepage.


Launched in 2011, the Health Legislation Portal brings innovations in search resources. The main novelty is the use of integrated iAHx search engine. This interface has filters (clusters) that quickly refine searches by: documents with full text, country, act type, subject, year and language. Other new feature is the inclusion of an area of outstanding issues in Health Legislation.

About link update

To countries with records at LEYES database

Click "Search" to access the Search page of the Portal.

NT leyes 3 en.PNG

  • In the left column, select the appropriate country at Country filters. In this example, we filter by "Argentina".
NT leyes 4 en.PNG

  • The search result is filtered by country records. From the records of the country, click XML.
NT leyes 5 en.PNG

  • Note that a page with the data in XML format appears. Just use the link on this page.
NT leyes 6.PNG

  • Copy the XML link. In the example of Argentina:


  • Replace the output=xml to output=html


  • Copy the link with html output and replace it by old link to the LEYES database.

For countries that still do not cooperate with LEYES database

Replace LEYES old link at VHL page: http://bases.bireme.br/cgi-bin/wxislind.exe/iah/online/?IsisScript=iah/iah.xis&base=LEYES&lang=i&form=F

To Legislation Portal link: http://www.legislacion.bvsalud.org/

Sobre a atualização das estratégias de metapesquisas da BVS através do iAHx

OBS: Esses processos só devem ser utilizados para as BVSs que utilizam a base de dados LEYES como fonte de informação no iAH.

O seguinte exemplo mostra como devem ser configuradas as estratégias de metapesquisas:


Perceba que essa configuração fará uma pesquisa em todas as fontes de informação disponíveis na BVS Legislação em Saúde (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, etc).

Para restringir uma pesquisa em uma fonte específica, basta incluir o parâmetro where= com o nome da fonte de informação, por exemplo BRASIL, conforme mostra o exemplo a seguir:


Disabling old search interface

The iAH search interface will be available until November 30, 2012. For this reason, we request to exchange LEYES link until this date.

Questions, suggestions, comments

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