Updating Common Bases

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LILDBI-Web software is currently used for administration of databases according with the LILACS Methodology. As other systems, LILDBI-Web has common bases which allow the filling of some fields by selection, without needing to enter data. This resource helps in the standardization of the entries. Some of these bases contain data that are changed with a certain frequency, and thus, need to be updated in each instance of LILDBI-Web. This applies to common bases of abbreviated titles of LILACS periodicals and Cooperating Centers (CC) codes.

About the update

A new version of the update file of the common bases is provided automatically every day, even though there is no new data.

If a Cooperating Center become responsible for indexing a particular journal, it´s necessary to update common bases. Each CC is responsible for updating their LILDBI-Web instance. Exceptions occur when the CC is a member of a Thematic Network (Nursing, Dentistry and Psychology) which data entry is made centrally in a single database. Thus, the update must be made by the Network Coordination. However, if the CC cooperates with the thematic base and also maintains an institutional base, the CC will be responsible for updating their base. Note: Update of common bases should not be confused with the version update of LILDBI-Web system. To learn about this, see the Version Migration of LILDBI-Web.


Before updating DeCS, it should be made backup of the system and databases. Also, make sure there isn´t non-certified records on the Documentalist base.

Download file to update

Access the Virtual Health Library (VHL) Model page, available at http://bvsmodelo.bvsalud.org/ Select the "LILACS" option in the Methods and Applications section.