Training courses proposal

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Usually the courses are demanded by institutions that are part of the VHL Network, for example, Ministry of Health, Public Universities, etc.


To train professional/students for the access and use of the technical and scientific information in Health Sciences, exploring the resources of information available on Virtual Health Library (VHL).


  • Basic notions on methodology of the search in health, structuring of the question of research, principal types of study
  • Search resources available in the VHL and sources of health information, databases MEDLINE, LILACS and others
  • Access to the full text of the document: SciELO library (electronic scientific magazines); Portals of Scientific Jorurnals; Agreements and others


We recommend that the training activities are programmed in 2 modules.

Module I: Theoretic course (without limit of participants)

Interactive class with demonstration on-line of the resources of information on the VHL, with examples of search in the different sources of information, indicated by the participants.

Módule II: Practical course

The participant does practical exercises and navigates in the site of the VHL.


MóduloI auditório ou sala de aula equipada com computador conectado à Internet, projetor de multimídia, microfone se necessário.

MóduloII computadores conectados à internet, em número de 1 computador para cada 2 ou 3 participantes.


Por conta da instituição promotora do curso

  • Infra-estrutura da sala de curso
  • Transporte
  • Hospedagem
  • Valor do curso

Por conta da BIREME

  • Material de divulgação: pasta e folders dos serviços
  • Material didático: apresentação, exercícios e avaliação
  • Indicação do profissional – professor do curso