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About VHL Search portal

The VHL Search portal provides information sources in the health sciences in order to improve the access of scientific and technical information for professionals and students in this area. The interface of the VHL search portal is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English.


Starting the search in the Portal

To start your search type meaningful words and / or terms (subject descriptors) in the search box.

See the example below:


Search tips

Kit básico de pesquisaINGLES.jpeg

Search result

Access to more than 60 databases and the possibility to follow the entry of new content by RSS or XML that allows the export of data between systems.


Access to full text

When you find the document in the search result the system tells you where or how to get the full text and offers others display formats, see details below:


Another option to access the full text

If this option is not available from the document reference:

  • O SCAD (Document delivery service) is available to order VHL documents.

Acesse o site: <>

Clusters or Filters

The clusters are formed from the set of references of documents retrieved in the search by range of relevance and helps to refine the search result.

Clusters Area

This area can be found on the right side of the result page.


Search by Subject Descriptor

By clicking subject descriptor lookup the search will be made in the DeCS (Descriptors in Health Sciences) and its qualifiers.



Refine the search using the option "Subject descriptor lookup"

You can associate the descriptors in a previously carried out search. The descriptor will appear as filter. Imagem11.png

Advanced Search

In the Advanced search option, meaningful words or terms are combined by filling in the search form.



Search using the field codes

The search strategies can also be developed with the field codes in the search forms or in the search box on the VHL portal. Each method takes a proper syntax to include the search.

  • Syntax for inclusion of field code in integrated method of search(iAHx): field code follow by : (colons)

Exemplo: MH:"yellow fever"

Top data fields used in VHL

Main Search Fields – LILACS

Tag Description Search on IAHx Search on IAH
TI Original Title and Translated Title of citations By words or "phrases"


TI:"yellow fever"

By words or "phrases"

TI malaria

TI yellow fever

TW Text Words (words) Title + Abstract + DeCS/MeSH terms By words or "phrases"


TW:"acute hepatitis"

By words

TW hepatitis

TW acute AND TW hepatitis

AB Abstract of journal articles and documents By words or "phrases"

AB:"genetic diseases"

By words

AB genetic AND AB diseases

DeCS/MeSH terms Trilingual Descriptors Portuguese, Spanish, English.

We can use the number of the DeCS/MeSH term in the search

By DeCS/MeSH term in any of the languages

MH:"renal dialysis"

= MH:"dialise renal"

= MH:"dialisis renal"

= MH:E02.870.300

Primary DeCS/MeSH terms.

Descriptors that reflect the major points of the article


MJ:"Influenza vaccines"

Publication type is included in DeCS/MeSH PT:"clinical trial"

= PT:"ensayo clinico"

= PT:"ensaio clinico"

DA Year of Publication Year and month (yyyymm)

DA:201001 - retrieves articles published in January 2010

DA:2010$ - all 2010

DA:2010$ OR DA:2011$) - retrieves year 2010 and 2011

| AU | Autor | Nomes e sobrenomes dos autores dos documentos. A forma de representação do campo é dependente da base de dados. No MEDLINE a representação é por sobrenome seguido de iniciais do nome (ex. Jatene AD), e nas bases que seguem a metodologia LILACS a representação é por sobrenome e nomes completos ou abreviados (de acordo ao indicado no documento) e separados por vírgula (ex. Jatene, Adib Domingues ou Jatene, Adib D, ou Jatene, A. Domingues ou Jatene, Adib, etc) | au:"Yunes J" |- | TA | Revista | Título da Revista | ta:Jama |- | LA | Idioma | Recupera documentos com o idioma selecionado | la:es |- | AB | Abstract | Recupera palavras do resumo | ab:"doencas geneticas" |- |}