Orientation on using FI-Admin for LILACS-Express Editor

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The FI-Admin is a system for the management of the VHL sources of information. It will replace the current LILACS-Express Editor system, LILDBI-Web, used by librarians of VHL and LILACS networks, among other VHL information sources.

It provides inclusion of minimum data on the articles and load of full text in PDF within the BIREME / PAHO / WHO server.

Before starting the addition of a new issue of your magazine, check the last issue published in LILACS and in the LILACS -Express Editor system to avoid duplication of work.

There will be no migration of existing data in the LILACS -Express Editor.

Including the first article

System access

Access http://fi-admin.bvsalud.org/ and log into the system.

From the Home screen, we have:

  • System Menu (green bar) with the options:
    • Bibliographic records: Module in which we create the records of journal articles.
    • Language selected for the system (available in English, Portuguese or Spanish).
    • User name and institution code in the VHL network.
  • Control panel
    • Recent actions (the first access will be empty, but the history of changes made by the user is registered)
    • Communication area and warnings to the network

On the menu, click on "bibliographic records" to start the work.

Fi-admin bibliographic record.png

On this page we see the issues included in the system (at the beginning will be empty).

  • Source is how the system identifies the issues.
  • The articles are the analytics.

Fi-admin select-or-add-new-source.png

Data specification

Click on "New Source".

Fill in the volume, number and issue date of publication.

Fi-admin new-source.png

By clicking "Save" the new analytics screen will open.

Article data

In "New Analytics", fill in article data.

Each article demands the filling out of two forms: "Metadata" and "Full Text".

Fi-admin new-analytic.png


In "Metadata", give a basic description of each item.

Note that the metadata form is subdivided into areas. Click on the blue links to view or hide the fields in each section.

Fi-admin new-analytic-areas.png

Most fields have Field Assistant, which is a new window that opens to fill in the data.

Click on the area of ​​the field to open the assistant. After entering the data, click "Save".

Fi-admin new-analytic-assist.png


  • Include all authors presented in the article with their affiliation.
    • Affiliation's order is registered from the name of the institution on level 1 to its departments on the following levels.
  • When you have individual author and institutional author, include the individual author's name.
    • Exception: For type of publication "Guidelines" the inclusion of both authors, personal and institutional, is allowed.
  • Include title in all versions present in the article and set the language of each version.
  • Include the title of the form as shown in the document, but following current grammatical rules on the use of uppercase and lowercase letters, therefore use uppercase only to begin paragraphs, proper names, abbreviations and acronyms.
Text Language
  • Select the text language. If the article has versions in other languages, select the languages ​​available by clicking "Ctrl" or "Command"
Clinical trial registry
  • Every clinical trial must have been registered in a specific database for this purpose. Include this information whenever available in the article.
Author keyword
  • Include all keywords in all available languages.
  • Always set the language for each keyword.
  • Include the complete summary in all available languages.
  • Always set the language of each summary.

Full text

After filling in the "Metadata" tab, go to the "Full Text" tab.

In "Full text" upload the full text of the article in PDF format for FI-Admin server, or add link to full text available on the Internet.

Fi-admin full-text.png


Finally, click "Publish as LILACS-Express."

Articles with LILACS-Express status will be available in LILACS after processing.

The article may be published as LILACS-Express only if all required and essential fields are complete. If you miss any fields the system will inform you.

Then, just include the following articles of the issue by clicking "New Analytics".

Important information

  • To save draft is necessary that the record has both title and author.

First complete these two fields and click "Save Draft" to save your registration. Then click on the pencil icon to edit the registry and continue including the data. Record the draft as you fill in the data.

  • You cannot edit records that are being reviewed by the responsible Cooperating Center.