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[http://bvsmodelo.bvsalud.org/php/contact.php?lang=en BVS Technical Support]
[http://bvsmodelo.bvsalud.org/php/contact.php?lang=en BVS Technical Support]
[http://bvsmodelo.bvsalud.org/php/level.php?lang=en&component=27&item=24 Download the previous version (2.4a)]

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The Localizador de Informação em Saúde (LIS - Portuguese for Health Information Locator, or HIL) is the Virtual Health Library portal that contains the catalogue of information sources on health sciences available on the Internet and selected according to quality criteria. It describes the content of these information sources and provides the respective links to them.

The HIL Methodology is the result of technical cooperation between the Centro Nacional de Información de Ciencias Médicas (CNICM), Red Telemática de Salud en Cuba (INFOMED) and BIREME.

The HIL Methodology follows international standards and formats adopted by libraries and documentation centers that are currently available on the Internet.


To informatics

Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications

Installation readme

To information professionals

Documents under review.


Download Version 2.6

BVS Technical Support

Download the previous version (2.4a)