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Documentation Version 1.7a

To informatics

Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications

Installation readme for Windows

Installation readme for Linux

To information professionals

Document Selection Guidelines for LILACS databases

Manual of Bibliographic Description - LILACS

LILDBI-Web Manual of Procedures

To informatics and information professionals

LILACS model data dictionary (in spanish available)

Technical Notes LILDBI-Web 1.6 - LILDI-Web 1.7


LILDBI-Web 1.7a Version

In this 1.7 version, for the first time two packages were released (1.7_full e 1.7_update). The full package as its name suggests is for a full installation. It is intended for institutions that do not have any LILDBI-Web installed. The update package is intended to help institutions to update their previous 1.6 LILDBI-Web, provided there are no customizations made to the database structure. In this installation mode, there is no need to convert or copy the databases (certified, documentalist, users) as occurred with previous versions.

Attention: SECURITY COPIES of the system and the databases have to be made before the installation of this new version. Besides, there mustn’t be uncertificated records in the basis of the documentalists.


(*) It requires code and password for access. To apply for a valid code please access the URL below and fill in the registration form:


Information about upgrading from earlier versions of LILDBI-Web to version 1.7

  • To use the update package of 1.6 version (without customization) to 1.7 version (without necessity of complete installation), verify the documentation below (Update readme. This update package was tested only for update of 1.6 version to 1.7. We don’t recommend using the update package to previous versions of 1.6.
  • For questions, please access the forum in the Virtual Community of VHL Cooperators.

LILDBI-Web – Technical Support LILDBI-Web – Usage of LILDBI-Web (methodology)