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(To information professionals)
(To informatics and information professionals)
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===To informatics and information professionals===
===To informatics and information professionals===
[http://bvsmodelo.bvsalud.org/download/lilacs/LILACS-5-DicionarioDados-es.pdf LILACS model data dictionary (in spanish available)]
Technical Notes [http://metodologia.lilacs.bvs.br/download/I/Nota_tecnica_bibliotecarios_usuarios_lildbi_EN_v1p6.pdf LILDBI-Web 1.6] - [http://metodologia.lilacs.bvs.br/download/I/Nota_tecnica_bibliotecarios_usuarios_lildbi_EN_v1p7.pdf LILDI-Web 1.7]

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Documentation Version 1.7a

To informatics

Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications

Installation readme for Windows

Installation readme for Linux

To information professionals

Document Selection Guidelines for LILACS databases

Manual of Bibliographic Description - LILACS

LILDBI-Web Manual of Procedures

To informatics and information professionals

LILACS model data dictionary (in spanish available)

Technical Notes LILDBI-Web 1.6 - LILDI-Web 1.7