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LILACS (Literatura Latino-Americana em Ciências da Saúde – Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature) is a bibliographic index of scientific and technical production in the health sciences published in Latin America and the Caribbean.

LILACS has various dimensions depending on the facet necessary for its development.

A simple way of defining LILACS is as a model for the publication of a source of scientific and technical information on the internet, produced in a decentralized manner and with a basis in methods and standards the promote quality, consistency and interoperability of the inserted data.

Depending on the public and the need, LILACS is a:

LILACS journal indexing

Documents in the phase of validation

Read more about Interoperability between LILACS and Dublin Core Qualified to understand the reason for the validation of the document below:

Initiatives in development

  • LILACS Submission

Related initiatives

See also

References of interest

Pires-Alves, Fernando A. A biblioteca da saúde das américas: a Bireme e a informação em ciências da saúde 1967-1982. (In Portuguese)