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(Can I export the search result?)
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* by print form
* by print form
* Export citations in RIS format (for Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote, etc)
* Export citations in RIS format (for Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote, etc)
** How to export the search results to Endnote web - [File:Endnoteweb_en.pdf]  
** How to export the search results to Endnote web - [[File:Endnoteweb_en.pdf]]
==How can I search on Virtual Health Library (VHL)?==  
==How can I search on Virtual Health Library (VHL)?==  

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This page in portuguese | This page in spanish

If you do not find the information needed, please contact us: online@bireme.org

How to retrieve full-text scientific articles?

Many full-text documents are open access. For those documents that do not have full-text available, one option is the document delivery service from BIREME -SCAD

On VHL these options are available on the results of a search.

Texto completo en.jpg

  • Select the document of interest at the search results page, click on "full text" option. The documents could be presented in full-text mode. A password could be required in some cases.


  • Click on "Photocopy" on SCAD - the document delivery service from BIREME. More information about this service access here.

Is it necessary to be at BIREME to use its services? What are BIREME opening hours?

It is not necessary to go to BIREME to have access VHL . VHL is a virtual library and can be accessed 24 hours a day. BIREME does not offer physical attendance there.

If you have any questions about how to search in VHL, BIREME can provide support to your search through its online service: online@bireme.org, or by phone: (+55 011) 5576-9854 or 5576-9839.

How can I obtain a physical attendance?

UNIFESP Central Library performs a physical attendance from Mondays to Fridays, from 8am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. It is also possible to obtain help by phone: (+55 011) 5539-6312 / 5576-4562.

Do I have to register myself to access VHL?

VHL access is free and it is not necessary to register.

Is it possible to obtain medical advice through VHL services?

VHL aims to provide access to technical and scientific information. So, it does not offer medical advice to users. For counseling on diagnosis, therapy or procedures, we suggest that you consult a specialist to answer your questions.

You can get general health information on Medline Plus (http://medlineplus.gov/), both in English and Spanish. Remember that any information from internet or other source does not replace an appointment with a physician.

Does BIREME service offer bibliographic search or search by demand?

Currently in BIREME we do not offer bibliographic search, but we can guide you by e-mail to use searching resources offered for free at VHL. For bibliographic search, BIREME suggests a local contact in the nearest specialized library in the area of your interest.

Does BIREME offer article translation service ?

No, BIREME doesn’t offer this service.

What are the advantages of using VHL to access the MEDLINE database?

The advantage of accessing MEDLINE via VHL search is the ability to retrieve scientific articles using search terms in Portuguese or Spanish.

If I write a search term in Spanish, will it result only in articles in Spanish?

No. The search is done on various document fields (title, abstract, subject descriptor) and it can retrieve text in any other language besides Spanish.

Must the search in MEDLINE via VHL be in English?

Most of MEDLINE documents are in English. If you are searching for meaningful words, the resultwill be more efficient if you write the words in English. But, if you are searching by subject descriptors, you can write them in Portuguese, Spanish or English that the result will show articles published in several languages, including English.

Can I export the search result?

After doing a search, check the page of results for the bullet “Send results”. Select the references of interest and choose how you want to send them:

  • by e-mail
  • by print form
  • Export citations in RIS format (for Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote, etc)

How can I search on Virtual Health Library (VHL)?

Access the VHL Search_tutorial