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<center>[http://wiki.bireme.org/es/index.php/Orientaciones_para_uso_del_LILDBI-Web_con_el_Internet_Explorer_9'''Esta página en español'''] | [http://wiki.bireme.org/pt/index.php/Orienta%C3%A7%C3%B5es_para_uso_do_LILDBI-Web_no_Internet_Explorer_9'''Esta página em português''']</center>
<p align=right>[http://wiki.bireme.org/es/index.php/Orientaciones_para_uso_del_LILDBI-Web_con_el_Internet_Explorer_9'''Esta página en español'''] | [http://wiki.bireme.org/pt/index.php/Orienta%C3%A7%C3%B5es_para_uso_do_LILDBI-Web_no_Internet_Explorer_9'''Esta página em português''']</p>
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Esta página en español | Esta página em português

An inappropriate behavior was identified in the Assist resource from LILDBI-Web (tested only on the 1.7x version), when used on Internet Explorer 9, which may lead to an incorrect filling of the registration fields, especially the Personal Author field (10, 16 and 23).

Our analysts are investigating the origin of this bug in order to eliminate it. Preliminary analysis suggest there may be a JavaScript malfunction in this version of Internet Explorer. Thus, please follow the steps bellow until this issue is solved or use the Internet Explorer 8 or earlier:

When using the Assist resource, as you add a new field (by using the Add Field button) you will notice that the subfield identified below with the symbol * (asterisk) will shift its position to the middle of the next rows:


Therefore, be careful not to add the author’s name to subfield 1, which is supposed to contain information related to the author affiliation.

Add the pieces of information as shown in the following image:


When trying to save the new entry, the pieces of information will appear out of place: Affiliation information will be immediately before the Author’s name, with no separation by subfield (identified by the ^ symbol):


It is therefore necessary to change the order of their appearance, by placing the author’s name first and then the author’s affiliation, separating them with the ^ symbol, as shown below:



Be sure that all the fields have been correctly filled in before saving the entry, as the system may accept the new entry even with misplaced information.

In case you have any doubts, please write to Email lilacs.jpg.

If you have any suggestions on how to eliminate the bug described above, please write to reddes.bvs-tech@listas.bireme.br.

As soon as an effective adjustment is applied, we will write a new technical note.