Filling the individual author field without using Assist

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There are two ways to fill the Individual Author field on LILDBI-Web: using the Assist or filling directly the text area. We recommend mainly beginners to use the Assist because it’s easier to fill the field and its subfields correctly.

However, once the Assist may not work properly in browsers’ new versions, we ask you to fill the Individual Author using directly the text area (without using Assist) when any problem is identified on the use of Assit. Moreover, users more used to LILACS Methodology can fill the text area because it’s faster.

About the Individual Author field

In LILACS Methodology there are different fields to describe the Individual Author. The tag of the field changes according to the type of document described.


The tag of the field is set on the moment we choose the type of the document to be described (monograph, thesis, non conventional or serial)

  • Individual Author (analytic level) [10]
  • Individual Author (monographic level) [16]
  • Individual Author (collection level) [23]

All these fields are filled the same way, following the rules presented on LILDBI-Web’s help. Examples are given at the end of this page.



Institution to which the author belongs. Mandatory to analytical level of serials (journals’ articles). Inform:

  • ^1: Institution’s name, first level
  • ^2: Institution’s name, first level (if mentioned)
  • ^3: Institution’s name, first level and further levels (se mentioned)
  • ^c: City (if mentioned)
  • ^p: Country

Degree of responsibility

^r. Register the degree of responsibility only when when it is not the author . Because of this, it’s not used in most of the documents.

Register, in abbreviated form, as above. Degrees permitted to LILACS:

  • Editor: ^redt
  • Compiler: ^rcom
  • Coordinator: ^rcoord
  • Organizer: ^rorg

How to fill the field

Using the Assist feature

Using the Assist feature we must register the data in the fields and subfields. Then, we have to clic on save.

If the document has two authors or more, it’s necessary to click on Add field to see another group of field and its subfields and to include data to another authors.

Attention: Always check the subfield identification and the data which it’s been registered on it because a bug that disorganizes the subfields’ presentation has been identified in some browsers.

Using the text area

We register the data on the field, followed by each subfield indication and its data.


  • Subfields are always indicated by a circumflex, which is followed by a letter or a number (example: ^1 ou ^c)
  • Don’t let spaces between the end of the data and the indication of the next subfield.
  • Use line break to indicate a new occurrence on the field, which means another author.
  • Affiliation is mandatory to analytical level of serials (journals’ articles). When this information is not available on the document, register (doesn’t have affiliation) on the subfield ^1. Example: ^
  • If the subfield ^1 is filled with an affiliation, the subfield ^p became mandatory. If it’s not possible identify the country, use the abbreviation s.p (doesn’t have country). Example: ^ps.p


Author on the article:


Fill on LILDBI-Web:

Silva, Sonia Maria Duro da^1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul^2Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Veterinárias^cPorto Alegre^pBrasil
Araujo, Flávio Antônio Pacheco de^1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul^2Faculdade de Veterinária^pPorto Alegre^pBrasil

So, on LILDBI-Web it will be like this:


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