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FI-Admin is a management system for the VHL information sources.

In this system it is possible to manage:

  • (LIS) - Health Information Locator (internet resources)
  • (DirEve) - Events Directory
  • Multimedia Resources Catalog - Videos module developed.
  • LILACS-Express journal - LILACS journals with or without its own internet portal.
  • SeCS Standardized Short Titles (TITLE) - BIREME Internal Management.

It replaces the older LIS, DirEve and LILACS-Express Editor management systems. The next systems to be replaced are the LILDBI-Web and the SeCS TITLE base.


  • A system to manage all the VHL information sources
  • A CC user and password to manage all of the VHL information sources (BIREME Accounts)
  • Multiuser system
  • Online system hosted by BIREME
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Levels of permissions regarding profiles (Documentalist , Editor , LILACS -Express Editor)
  • Records managed by status according to the information source (Admitted , Pending, Refused and Off) and in addition to bibliographic records (Draft and LILACS-Express)
  • Viewing of records through plug- ins (LIS , DirEve and Multimedia)
  • Use of DeCS vocabulary for all sources managed in the system

Advantages of adopting FI- Admin