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(For technology professionals)
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==For technology professionals==
==For technology professionals==
* Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications ([http://modelo.bvsalud.org/download/prereq/PreReq-Manual-en.pdf Available on PDF])
* Installation readme ([http://modelo.bvsalud.org/download/direve/1.5.3/INSTALL-EN.TXT Available on txt])
* Version 1.5
** Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications ([http://modelo.bvsalud.org/download/prereq/PreReq-Manual-en.pdf Available in PDF])
** Installation readme ([http://modelo.bvsalud.org/download/direve/1.5.3/INSTALL-EN.TXT Available in txt])
* Version 2.0
** [https://github.com/bireme/direve-wp-plugin/blob/master/README.md DirEve Plugin for Wordpress]
==For information management professionals==
==For information management professionals==

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DirEve Regional - search page

DirEve, Science Health Events Directory, is a VHL information source oriented toward recording and promoting national and international health events.

Its objective is to promote scientific events on health such as congresses, seminars, conferences and others, and also to provide basic information about these events. We can include on the event's description information as: name, date, contacts, website, theme and observations.


For technology professionals

For information management professionals



  • Technical support:

Join the mailing list: RedDes

  • Methodological support:

For methodological doubts, like criteria, filling of fields and system use, write to: Email fir.png

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