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Esta página en español Esta página em português

We ask the applicant to copy the form, fill it out in a text editor and send it attached to the e-mail

'BIREME - Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences'

'Management Administration Information Sources / Terminologies and Classifications'

'Creation / Change of descriptors DeCS'

Information required

  • Term in Portuguese, Spanish and English:

  • Justify the creation or alteration:

  • How often the concept has been occurring in the literature?

  • Cite references from LILACS and / or MEDLINE where the concept appears:

  • Indicate the location / position responsible to the term in relation to the other, within the category corresponding DeCS:

  • Scope note (definition of the term with power, preferably in Portuguese, Spanish and English):

  • Observations deems necessary:



Area of ​​expertise: