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One of the main goals of the Collaborative Space is the strengthen of the VHL as a technical cooperation model, based on information management and scientific-technical knowledge, in communicating effectively and periodical its users. These communities facilitate and make viable the communication between the users, even on an asynchronous way and therefore without time and space limitations. The communication is encouraged by the easiness access to the information available, e.g. in galleries of documents and images, news, discussion forums, chats and blogs, all of them part of a collaborative space.


Guia metodológico (for information professionals)


Currently BIREME/PAHO/WHO uses the technology platform for the creation of Tikiwiki Collaborative Spaces.

Installation Requirements

Tikiwiki Version used 9.1 Tikiwiki

Update Version


  PHP (from version 5.0)


 MySQL (from version 5.0)


  Intel Xeon CPU 3.00GHz
  Memory 4 GB
  HD -> 2 discos 146 GB

Operating System

  Open Suse 11.3
  Apache 2.2.16

Links to Collaborative Spaces

Online Collaborative Spaces in Regular Operation

Logs de acesso:

  • VHL Brazil

  • VHL Psychology Brazil
Logs de acesso:

  • VHL Telehealth Brazil
Logs de acesso:

  • Centre for International Relations in Health

  • Advisory Committee

  • National Advisory Committee BIREME/PAHO/WHO

  • International Community of Practice to support the institutional strengthening of BIREME

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases
Log de acesso:

  • VHL on Health Economics
Logs de acesso:

  • Scientific Publishers
Logs de acesso:

Logs de acesso:

  • EVIPNet Brazil

  • Former-Staff Members of the United Nations
Logs de acesso:

  • Working Group BIREME/FapUNifesp

  • VHL Network History and Cultural Heritage of the Health
Logs de acesso:

  • RedeBiblioSUS
Logs de acesso:

  • RedeNutri

Logs de acesso:

  • SciELo

  • Secretaria Municipal de São Paulo

  • Transfer Director (Interno)

Online Collaborative Spaces in development

  • VHL Biodiversity

  • VHL Nursery

  • VHL Paraguay

  • Editorial Board of the Ministry of Health

  • VHL User Space

  • Food and Nutrition Security of Women and Children indigenous in Brazil

Online Collaborative Spaces Transferred

Comunidade Virtual em Vigilância Sanitária
Comunidade Virtual do Núcleo de Vigilância Sanitária da Secretaria de Saúde do Estado do Ceará (NUVIS/SESA)

Online Collaborative Spaces in Revaluation Process

  • VHL Guyana

  • VHL Venezuela

  • Sustainable Development and Health

  • Health Law: Health and Citizenship

  • Evipnet

  • Health and Local Development

Online Collaborative Spaces Closed

Accidents with venomous animals in Latin America
Reception and Conversations Network
Paper, Proposal and Poster Clinic
Common Services
VHL Cooperators
Public Health History in Latin America and Caribbean
Núcleo de Vigilância Sanitária da Secretaria de Saúde do Estado do Ceará (NUVIS/SESA)
Public Policies for Sex Education and HIV Prevention
Training Program in VHL
Red Maristán
Network Administrators PAHO
Rede ScienTI
Oral Health in the Americas
Tropika Advisory Board
TropIKA Collaborative Space
Health Surveillance


  • 23 regular operation;
  • 6 under development;
  • 02 transferred to the partner institutions;
  • 06 under the revaluation process
  • 18 closed