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Winisis is the CDS/ISIS version with graphic interface for the Windows operating system.

This version is totally compatible with the CDS/ISIS for DOS, meaning that all the applications of both versions can work at the same time with the same databases.

WinISIS permits a relation with the user in more direct and intuitive form. And it seeks to work on with the principles of one simple interface that facilitates both coexistence with the DOS version and the transition to the graphic environment.

Besides all the progresses that one graphic interface in Windows allows, WinISIS permits the simultaneous manipulation of several databases, new resources of format language as control of the type of source used for formating characters, resources of hypertext, resources of databases, etc.

The DOS version was developed in Pascal language and WinISIS was rewritten in C++, making possible a high degree of portability.

Version 1.5 Build 3  

Available documents

CDS/ISIS for Windows - Reference Manual (version 1.5)

The CDS/ISIS for Windows Handbook (Andrew Buxton/Alan Hopkinson)

External Links

Documentation for Instructors and users