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BIREME Submission is a system created to manage the interoperability between Cooperating Centers (CC) and BIREME. It has as objective to strenghten and give transparency about cooperation process with LILACS. It uses an system developed by BIREME, who allows:

  • Electronic management of the interoperability with Cooperating Centers (CC);
  • Automation of the cooperating process;
  • Transparency, rating and optimization of the work flow.

In this stage, BIREME Submission contemplates contribution flow with LILACS through submission files in ISO 2709 format to inclusion on LILACS database.


Implementation Schedule

Activity Date
System Planning August 2012
Beta version development September 2012
Internal tests September to November 2012
Presentation to National Coordinating Centers (NCC) and Coordinators of Thematic Networks November 2012
Pilot test with Cooperating Centers (CC) November and December 2012
Portuguese and Spanish Presentations to LILACS Network Last week of February 2013
Expansion to all CC from LILACS Network January to June 2013

Records types

In BIREME Submission, it's necessary to export files in ISO format from LILDBI-web, by the following types:

Journal = Journal (Full record with description and index)

Monography = Monography, Thesis and Non-conventional documents (All literature types that can be described in the LILACS Methodology except Journal)

Troca = Records indexed and reviewed of LILACS-Express journals (SciELO or Publisher)

LLXP = Records not indexed and not reviewed of LILACS-Express (initially, this type of file will be managed only by BIREME and viewed by those responsible for data entries in SciELO)

Submission Flow

The "Submission" flow is as follows:

Step Description Actor Sequence
New Include file on system Cooperation Center 1st
Validating format Verify if ISO file isn´t damaged BIREME 2nd
Format validated Verified file BIREME 3rd
Validating content Validate content according to LILACS Methodology BIREME 4th
Certified (waiting publish) Certify on LILDBI-Web of BIREME (internal) BIREME 5th
Avaliable on LILACS Avaliable on LILACS (publish) BIREME 6th
Pending In steps 2, 3 and 4, if file has problems, it will be pending BIREME and Cooperation Center -
Closed Files that can't be avaliable on LILACS (due to problems or tests) BIREME -

User's request

Only Cooperating Centers that send ISO files by email Email envios.jpg might request user login to start submission files by BIREME Submission. Request to BIREME only one code per user, that user will be allowed to create more users with the same code Cooperating Center.

Send an e-mail to Email lilacs.jpg with the subject "BIREME Submission - Request user" and the following data:

  • Full Name:
  • Code Cooperating Center:
  • e-mail:

User Maintenance

  • Login on system

BIREME Submission login.jpg

  • In the Homepage, menu has the following options:
    • Homepage;
    • Submission;
    • Search;
    • User;
    • Language;
    • Configurations and Logout.


BIREME Submission Usuario.jpg

  • On User, there are New and Manage options. (The User option only appears to user administrator of Cooperating Center)
    • New: to create new users.
  1 - Login must be nomesobrenome as pattern
  2 - DON´T use special characters: accentuation, !@#$%¨&*(){}?/
  3 - The User administrator can create only users with the same code of Cooperating Center.

BIREME Submission NovoUsuario.jpg

  • Manage: to visualize and delete users of your Cooperating Center.
  Clicking on bin in the login line, it will appear a message to confirm and the user will be deleted.

BIREME Submission GerenciarUsuario.jpg


BIREME Submission ConfiguracaoUsuario.jpg

In Configuration, it´s possible to visualize logged user and Edit, Change password and Logout options.

  • Edit: In this option, it´s possible to include First Name and Surname, change e-mail and select to receive e-mails always when submission has a status change. This option doesn´t allow to change user login.

BIREME Submission EditarPerfil.jpg

  • Change password:
    • You must enter your old password;
    • type new password;
    • and confirm;
    • Click on Change my password;
    • Select your username.

BIREME Submission TrocaSenha.jpg

Submission contribution

After finish the records and generate ISO file, follow the steps to send it to LILACS:

  • Access BIREME Submission with your username and password.

  • At system menu, click on "Submission", "New submission"


  • Select submission type ISO (Only avaliable for a while).


  • Fill with submission data:
    • number of sent records
    • bibliographic type (See definition above, on Records Types).
  • Select and upload file
  • Click on Submit.