VHL-Site to Wordpress - Manual data migration

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All items from secondary pages will have their contents migrated 'as-is', that is, the way they had been previously defined in the XHTML field of the VHL-Site item. In case of problems with the formatting of contents, the manual conversion procedures must be used, as follows:

  • access the page with the contents for the migration from the old site URL (VHL-Site);
  • select the contents and copy to the transfer area;
  • open the MS-Word;
  • paste the contents from the transfer area;
  • re-select the content in MS-Word;
  • copy the selected content to the transfer area;
  • in the administrative panel (Dashboard) of Wordpress, under VHL Collection, in the item that is going to receive the contents, select the option Paste from Word and past the contents from the transfer area;
  • click the option Insert;
  • make as many adjustments as necessary to the formatting of the contents.