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For the problem described below in Internet Explorer 9, as well as Google Chrome and Firefox 21.0, it is necessary to update the file functions.js in the directory root\htdocs\lildbi\includes of your instance of LILDBI-Web and click F5 (Update) on the Assist page.


A problem has been identified in the Assist function of LILDBI-Web (tested only in Version 1.7x) when using the Internet Explorer 9 browser, which could cause the incorrect completion of fields, particularly that of author details (10, 16 e 23).

Our analysts are working to check the origin of this bug and correct it. Initial analysis points to a malfunctioning in the Java Script of this version of Internet Explorer. Until this problem is resolved, we ask that you pay attention to the instructions in this notice or use another browser or the previous version of Internet Explorer.

In using Assist, note that to add a new occurrence in the field (using the button ‘Add field’), the subfield highlighted in the image with the symbol * (asterisk) changes position:


Therefore take care not to add the name of the author in subfield 1, which is for affiliation!

Complete it in the following way:


When saving, the information will appear registered out of order with the data for Affiliation followed by the name of the author, without separation by the subfield (represented by the symbol ^):


It is necessary to invert the order, putting the Name first, followed by the Affiliation of the author and separating the two pieces of information with the symbol ^:



Make certain that the fields are correctly filled out before saving the file as the system will accept the saved information even if the data is out of order.

If you have any question, please write to: Email lilacs.jpg.

If you have any suggestion or contribution that might help correct the bug above, please write to

As soon as the problem is corrected, we will notify you.

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