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Dear Journal Editor,

LILACS-Express is an initiative to give faster visibility and access to the full text of the articles published by your journal. All LILACS journals must start using FI-Admin (Information Sources Administration) for sending data and uploading PDFs from the articles of your journal.

The FI-Admin system aims to facilitate data filling, documents uploading and improvement of the LILACS-Express articles publishing flow within LILACS.

Considering the LILACS permanence criteria to provide open access to the content of articles published in their issues, all LILACS journal must provide a link to the full text or upload the PDF of each published article eligible to indexing in LILACS.

LILACS journals that do not provide access to the full text of their articles and which do not join the FI-Admin, will be included in the collection's revaluation process and are subject to exclusion from the base.

Instructions for entering the FI-Admin system:

  1. Request user creation in the system via e-mail: Email lilacs.jpg
    1. Subject: [Your code: ex. TT3.1] User Creation to LILACS-Express Editor / FI-Admin
    2. User Full Name (personal users - if necessary, request more than one)
    3. E-mail (preferably institutional)
    4. Journal Name/Title, if the publisher publishes more than one
  2. Once your user is created, you will receive an automated email with the subject: "[BIREME] Create your password to access our systems" received in the mailbox indicated in the user request. In this email you will receive your username and link to setting your password in the FI-Admin.
  3. Access the FI-Admin System (Information Sources Administrator): http://fi-admin.bvsalud.org/
  4. Register pending issues to be sent to LILACS in FI-Admin and publish as LILACS-Express
    1. Access the tutorial for instructions on filling in the fields: Orientation on using FI-Admin for LILACS-Express Editor

To make improvement suggestions or report errors in FI- Admin system: During the system handling, if you have suggestions to the system, send feedback to the LILACS team on improvements or problems with :

  • Workflow within the system
  • System Usability
  • Necessary improvements not covered in the current version

Report suggestions and errors encountered via email : Email lilacs.jpg

  • Subject: Improvements in LILACS -Express FI- Admin Editor - BRxy.z
  • Text Body : Identify with details the improvement or error found, indicating the field name (if applicable) and including images of the system whenever possible.

The requested improvements and fixes pass through implementation feasibility assessment and implementation of priority to be set. The development of this system can be followed in: https://github.com/bireme/fi-admin/issues

Sincerely, RIS team BIREME / PAHO / WHO