ABCD - previous instructions

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ABCD - previous instructions

If you already have ABCD installed in Windows we are sorry to inform that you must re-install the full package containing the last modifications. Before installing, please backup your database files.

Download the FULL version ( ) containing Apache 2.x and PHP 5 preconfigured, as well as the complete ABCD system

Unpack in the C:\ hard disk of your computer.

Check if the folders were created in the hard drive as seen below.

ABCD file structure
ABCD file structure

In folder c:\ABCD the files:

  • ABCD_start.bat - a batch file that starts the ABCD system
  • ABCD_exit.bat - a batch file that ends the ABCD system session

The demo automatically starts an instance of Apache and then opens the default browser on your computer with the startup page (OPAC) for browsing.